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Welcome to Video Now

Video now is in beta, and currently invite-only. Current beta users can log in above. New beta users can signup using your invite code.

What is VideoNow?

VideoNow is a video streaming application for Android and iOS that makes use of YouTube's API to deliver the video content you want to watch in an easy and straight-forward manner. Our target audience are users who want an easy and vastly simplified interface (with added features) who just want to focus on the content.

Less is More

YouTube is full to the brim of excellent educational resources—channels that provide well-organized content that we make available from only two clicks off the home screen. No more wading through cumbersome search results or subscription lists to find the content you want - it's all right there, easy to find, and easy to keep updated on the content you care about.


Aside from our suggested channels, you can add as many of your favorite channels as you like. Our method of organization makes browsing through a channel's playlist a breeze, and you can also browse the latest video uploads from your favorite content creators so you'll never miss out.

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You can download our app from the Goolge Play store. Our iOS version is still in development.

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